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Service Pack 4 Now Available for Viper II and Cobra II

Service Pack 4 – New Firmware Available for Viper II and Cobra II Analyzers

As part of our continual quality improvement or our products, ACES Systems just released Service Pack 4 for all Viper II and Cobra II analyzers.  This service pack will include new features, improved features, and software fixes from the previous version of firmware.

New Features

  • Time Trace – Time Trace is a feature that allows the recording of the raw time vibration data as part of the job. The raw data can then be used for post-processing later for different vibration analysis.
  • Transient Vibration Survey and Vibration Survey Customized Reports – Allows Operator to select only the portions of the survey as needed.
  • Polar Charts – Polar charts in balancing functions now added to Viper II.
  • Improved Status Pane – The status pane now provides a live, visual status of the storage available in the analyzer.

Improved Features

  • Improved Transient Balance Solutions – Providing improved robustness for challenging engines and more accurate solutions for fan balancing.
  • EMS Improvements – Features allow improved connection to the JEDA, data collection and displaying of result information. Increased initial stabilization time to allow engine temperature stabilization before starting performance runs eliminates the so called “surge/droop” issue.  For APR engines, corrected discrepancy between display of engine speeds in percent between analyzer and MEDRA.
  • Fan Blade Mapper – Allow the operator the residual imbalance information of the blades that can be used reduce overall imbalance of the rotor disk assembly more effectively.
  • Setup Reports – Improved setup reports with more information and formatted to make it easier to understand.

Software Fixes

  • Black Screen During Analyzer Start-up – When powering the analyzer on, occasionally the analyzer would display only a black screen and would require power to be cycled to allow analyzer to display properly.
  • Polar Plots – Plots would not scale to related vibration size during some balance data collections.
  • Tachometer Operations – Occasionally tach would drop out inappropriately, inconsistently display (Cobra II) or “No Tach” would display during data collection.
  • “Erase All Jobs” – When selected the function would erase all jobs but also some aircraft setup files.
  • Database Management – Fixes problem with residual fragmented database information left in the analyzer during database downloading and backup.
  • Operator’s Manual – Operators Manual now available for download from the analyzer to the USB on the Cobra II.

For instructions on how to update your analyzer, please watch the attached video for a step-by-step instruction.




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