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About the Cobra II Analyzer

ACES Systems strikes again, releases next generation Cobra II analyzer

ACES Systems is proud to introduce a new analyzer to its legendary balancing equipment line – the COBRA II.  This new Cobra II vibration analyzerproduct promises to increase job efficiency by providing a larger, high-resolution screen, wireless capabilities and PDF reporting solutions.

In August of 2015, ACES conducted a survey of its current Model 2020HR customers.  When asked what features they would like to see in future equipment, the top responses were reduced cable usage and a larger, easier-to-read screen on the analyzer.  ACES satisfied these customer requests with the introduction of the newest analyzer, the COBRA II.

+ Large Color Screen

+ PDF Reporting

+ Portable Convenience

+ Solutions Generated

+ Features:

Propeller Balance

Main Rotor Track & Balance

Tail Rotor Balance

Overall Vibration Survey

Vibration Spectrum Survey

The COBRA II dual-vibration analyzer is a next generation Model 2020HR analyzer and an offshoot of the successful VIPER II launched in October 2014. It’s faster, smarter, and more versatile than the Model 2020HR. AvTrend, a communications software, is no longer necessary to transfer, display and analyze data. The COBRA II enhances its capability by providing solutions as a standard feature and directly generating PDF reports that store on a USB flash drive for portability. Application notes and eSetups are now available to download directly to the analyzer via the web. The COBRA II also has a new transmissive, full-color screen that is much larger and can be easily viewed in direct sunlight.

The COBRA II dual-vibration spectrum analyzer continues the legacy of the Model 2020HR by improving upon current functionality related to Propeller Balance, Main Rotor Track and Balance, Tail Rotor Balance, Overall Vibration Survey and Vibration Spectrum Survey with enhanced accuracy and performance.

Stop by the ACES Systems Booth #8736 at Heli Expo to learn more about our COBRA II.  ACES’ sales and support team members will be available to offer simple solutions for your complex aviation maintenance problems.

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  1. Sir,
    Would like to get a price quote on your system for Helicopter Track and Balance. I work for Chatham County in Savannah Georgia, we operate 4 MD500 Helicopters. We are currently using the MicroVibe II system.
    James W. Payne
    Chatham County Mosquito Control
    65 Billy B. Hair Drive
    Savannah, Georgia 31408

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