Model 1752B Jet Engine Data Acquisition Module (JEDA)

Jet Engine Data Acquisition System

The Model 1752B Jet Engine Data Acquisition Module (JEDA) is an engine performance module specifically designed to operate with ACES Systems’ Viper II Analyzer and Honeywell’s MEDRA software package. This package forms a complete interactive test system for jet engine performance testing of the entire line of TFE731 engines. The ACES Systems’ analyzer is the remote controller for the 1752B JEDA Module unit.  A special program in the analyzer facilitates total control of the 1752B JEDA module.  The analyzer provides plain-language operator instructions, on-screen monitoring, and storage of the engine data as it is collected. The Model 1752B Jet Engine Data Acquisition Module is positioned at the rear of the aircraft during data acquisition.  It connects to the analyzer via a communications cable to the cockpit.  It receives all input signals from the engine and acquires engine data, including jet engine vibration, performance tests, and more, on command of the analyzer. EEC/DEEC cables provide inputs to the 1752B JEDA unit from the engine harness and J1 connector on the engine computer.  These cables also contain circuits to perform the overspeed and temperature limiting tests.