ProBalancer Analyzer
Model 2020PL Kit

Kit includes: Model 2020 PL ProBalancer unit, charger, protractor, vibration sensor, tachometer, cables, gram scale, reflective tape, Guide to Propeller Balance, Quickstart Guide and hard case.

Increase your plane or helicopter’s performance today with the ACES Systems ProBalancer Analyzer.

For those who need a little more horsepower than the ProBalancer Sport, we offer the Model 2020PL ProBalancer Vibration Analyzer Balancer. It provides step-by-step on-screen instructions for performing propeller balancing, rotor track and balance measurements and vibration surveys at an affordable price.


  • Dynamic Propeller Balance
  • Rotor Track & Balance
  • Vibration Surveys
  • Reduce Component Wear
  • Increase Aircraft Performance
  • Reduce Crew Fatigue
  • Increase Safety

The Model 2020 PL ProBalancer features:

  • One-shot balancing
  • Automated weight placement solutions
  • Stores reusable setups
  • Graphic spectral display with curser and backlit LED screen
  • Dual channel, expanded views and simultaneous inputs
  • Supports multiple sensor types
  • Includes an industry-unique 5-year warranty

The ACES 2020 ProBalancer Kit includes all the vibration analyzing and balancing equipment required to improve the performance of your helicopter or plane. Contact our sales team today for a quote on our high-performance ACES propeller balancer.