Cobra II vibration analyzer
Cobra II propeller balance kit

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2-Channel Vibration & Balancing Analyzer

The COBRA II dual channel vibration analyzer is a versatile yet compact instrument that combines all of the diverse technologies required for high-end engine vibration analysis, rotor track and balance, and propeller balance into one tool. With the Cobra II, all of these maintenance functions can be easily performed on virtually any airframe and engine type, such as a 2-propeller airplane.


The COBRA II has a large, high-resolution, transmissive, full-color display with a super-bright LED backlight that can be easily viewed in direct sunlight.


Generate PDF reports directly from the analyzer and store on a USB flash drive to be printed or saved in a separate location to retain accurate maintenance records.


Data storage, transfer, display and analysis is independent of any proprietary software and a PC interface. Application notes and eSetups are now available to download directly to the analyzer via the web.


The compact COBRA II dual channel analyzer provides accurate solutions in the minimum number of runs, saving costly run time and fuel. Our solutions are extremely valuable tools that are not offered in similar vibration analysis and balancing instruments as a standard feature for this market.

Main Rotor suggested adjustments after collecting hover data
Vibration Spectrum Survey showing the Main rotor orders with cursor set to "harmonic"