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3 Common Aircraft Maintenance Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Aircraft Maintenance Mistakes
All aircraft requires regular maintenance according to the specifications of their manufacturers. Routine service ensures the aircraft is in good condition and is safe for flying, which is crucial whether you own an entire fleet of planes or a single craft. However, there are some common aircraft maintenance mistakes you don’t want to make when it comes to servicing your plane or helicopter. To help you avoid making these mistakes yourself, consider these three aircraft maintenance mishaps:

Aircraft Maintenance Mistakes

  1. Not having a maintenance management plan in place. It’s all too easy to assume you don’t need a maintenance management plan if you have a good memory. But maintenance management plans aren’t just for reminders to service a specific part of the aircraft. They’re also for creating physical proof that maintenance has been performed at a certain time by a certain employee. When something does go wrong with the plane or a repair is necessary, you can look back at your maintenance logs to determine the history of that part of the plane.
  2. Not conducting basic inspections regularly. Aircraft maintenance isn’t just for when the aircraft shows signs of needing a repair. It’s important to routinely inspect the aircraft, especially after every flight. This ensures the craft is always in good condition and any potential dangers are caught and taken care of before they can pose a real threat. Routine inspections also let you keep an eye on regular wear and tear. Inspect and test any spark plugs, fittings, and hoses.
  3. Missing an oil change. It’s not good to fly a plane that needs an oil change. the longer you wait to change the oil in a plane, the more damage it does to the craft’s engine. A plane’s oil ought to be changed every 25 hours of flying to ensure the engine runs smoothly and safely.

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In 2011 alone, there were approximately 224,475 total active general aviation craft in the United States. Every aircraft needs routine aviation maintenance to ensure the craft is in great condition for flying.

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