best vibration analyzer

Vibration Analyzer to Increase Longevity

best vibration analyzer

One easy thing you can do:  invest in a vibration analyzer to increase longevity. Vibrations can seriously shorten the life of your avionics and high quality instruments. One of the best vibration analyzers is the Viper II from ACES systems.

Why can vibrations be dangerous?

Although some vibration is commonplace, it is a keep part of important maintenance for aircraft. You always want to keep an eye on a disproportionate amount of vibration. An abundance of vibration is cause for alarm for a few reasons.

  • Shortened service life for aviation equipment
  • Shortened life span of engine parts
  • Excessive airframe movement and noise complaints in the cabin

So you’ll want one of the best vibration analyzers to help you locate the cause of the vibrations.

How do you know when aircraft vibration is bad? It’s usually measured on a scale from 0 to 1.2 IPS (inches per second).

  • 0-.2 IPS is rated as good
  • .21-.4 IPS is fair
  • .41-.6 IPS is slightly rough
  • .61 -.8 IPS is rough
  • .81-1.0 IPS is very rough
  • 1.01-1.2 IPS is dangerous

Can You Use a Vibration Analyzer to Increase Longevity?

While you can never completely get rid of vibration in aircraft, you can cut down on it so that you’re taking better care of your aircraft, and you won’t have a jarring ride. While propeller imbalance is one of the most common causes of excessive vibration, a vibration analyzer will help pinpoint the location of where your vibration is coming from.

Why is Viper II the best vibration analyzer?

It’s great for vibration analysis because it:

  • Boasts a highly accurate analysis quickly
  • Generates a PDF report right onto a flash drive
  • Has eSetups so you don’t need charts
  • Directly measures the engine speed signal with SmartTach speed and phase processing
  • Superior transient analysis thanks to its various speed inputs for multiple rotor speed tracking
  • Five-year warranty for defects of components and workmanship that’s built into the price of the vibration analyzer

With the Viper II as your vibration analyzer, you’ll be able to locate and balance out vibrations in your aircraft quickly and efficiently. With one of the best vibration analyzers out in your arsenal, not only will you be able to balance out the vibrations in your aircraft quickly and efficiently, you’ll be saving money by prolonging the service life of your instruments and equipment. Contact ACES Systems today to learn more about a vibration analyzer to increase longevity.

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