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Service Pack 6 Now Available for Viper II and Cobra II

This Software Release Notice covers information applicable to Service Pack 6 for the Viper II and Cobra II analyzers.  The purpose of the update is to add new features and enhance current features already in the Generation II analyzers.  SP6 also addressed discrepancies and recommendations in our continual quality improvement of our products and service to our customers.

For additional information on this release please contact your ACES Support team at support@acessystems.com.

New Features

Service Pack 6 contains the following new features applicable only to Viper II analyzers:

  1. Allow Existing Trim Balance Weights to Remain for Run #1 – A great new update to the Transient Balance function allows the user to leave the existing trim balance weights installed during run #1. This will eliminate the need to remove all the weights before starting the balance program.
  2. PWC High Pressure Turbine Balance Feature – Integration with the P&WC Phase Box for High Pressure Turbine Balances in the Test Cell.

Service Pack 6 contains the following new features applicable to both Viper II and Cobra II analyzers:

  1. Tach Filter – Available in most of the Fixed Wing Balance programs and Vibration Surveys, this feature will allow the user to set a tach filter to the lowest frequency of interest. The filter will then be effective for that frequency and all frequencies above that value.
  2. USB Formatting in The Analyzer – When you format a USB stick in the Analyzer, it will create the necessary folders required to import E-Setups or Jobs from other Analyzers into your analyzer.
  3. Main Rotor E-setup – Main Rotor e-setup now has the capability of entering individual vibration and track limits for each regime. Tab solutions can now be presented in thousandths with 3 decimals.
Improved Features

Service Pack 6 provides improvements to the following features currently contained in Viper II and Cobra II analyzers:

  • Simplified Main Rotor Track and Balance Screen Flow – 30% reduction in the number of screens required to accomplish a job. Other features include: Auto-detect tracking device and simultaneous collection of vibration and track data.
Software Fixes

Service Pack 6 corrected several software discrepancies reported.  Most important fixes:

  1. EMS Run Import for Controllers with 5 Digit serial numbers – Fix for a bug that would prevent the Performance Run file from importing into MEDRA when the Engine Controller has a 5-digit serial number.
  2. Prop Balance Setup – Fix for a bug that prevented the cursor from immediately going to the next field when the Down Arrow key is pressed on the Propeller Balance Setup Page.
  3. Screen Saver / Power Off Timeout – Fix for a bug allowing the analyzer to shut off or dim before the selected time.
  4. PWD File – Error in exporting speeds.
Service Pack 6 Installation
      1. Log into the ACES website at www.AcesSystems.com.
      2. Select Support/Software Updates.
      3. Select Gen II Service Pack 6 to download update.
      4. Copy upgrade file to USB drive root folder.
      5. Ensure that this is the only file with a .upg extension in the root folder of the USB drive.
      6. Insert USB drive in either USB port on the analyzer.
      7. With the analyzer off, press and hold the #1 key on the analyzer and press the Power button.
      8. Follow the prompts on the screen.
      9. When complete, press the OK button to restart the analyzer.
        • If you have a Viper II Analyzer, you will be prompted to update the Analyzer’s Tach Board with a message similar to:
        • Press the “F1 Yes” key to upgrade.
        • You should see a screen that gives you the “Percent Complete”
        • Followed by “Tach board programming complete”. Press the “F5 Continue” key. This will power off the analyzer. (This could take a few seconds to power off after pressing the Continue key.)
        • Press the Power button to turn the unit back on.
      10. Service Pack 6 is now installed on your analyzer!


      Thanks for using ACES Systems products!

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